Class of 1964 Committee Letter

A Friendly Hi to the Class of 1964 . . .

The time is almost here. Next June we will be having the final dress rehearsal for our 50th year reunion. That’s right, the 45th is fast approaching and it would be great to see as many old seasoned Heidelbergers as we can.

Over the years we’ve kept in touch here and there, but it would be great to touch a lot more of you. We could see who has lost the most hair (that would probably be me), gained and lost the most weight (that would probably be me also) and swap memories of our time at the ’Berg.

It would especially be nice to see a lot of you who haven’t made it to a recent reunion. If you’re like me, the memories of the people we were are becoming more important with the passing years. Please take a few moments and complete the Class Reunion Questionnaire and return it to the Alumni Office to let us know how you've been doing. Plan on joining us; contact some of your old friends and bring them along. The more the merrier.

Don’t forget, this is the last time to get it right before our 50th. More to follow.

Pat Penrod
King Hall, Third Floor West
The Zoo
12 S. Monroe Street