Class of 1963

Class of 1963 Reunion 

The theme, Heidelberg Is Special, for our Class of 1963 Reunion set the tone for reconnecting, reminiscing and remembering with former classmates and lifelong friends.

All ’63 Alumni can be extremely proud of the hard work and dedication exhibited by the Gift and Reunion Activities Planning committee members which contributed to a most successful weekend.

The Gift Committee, co-chaired by Terry Owen and Denny Gallagher, spent the last 2 years in making an effort to reach every living class member and reviewing class giving opportunities. Their efforts resulted in a record breaking commitment of $5.5 million dollars which will fund and support classmate’s individual philanthropic wishes. Addressing the question of why so many gave so much, the local Tiffin newspaper’s article quoted Terry as saying: “Different aspects of the Heidelberg experience touch people in meaningful ways that have lasting effects on ones’ lifetime. Those positive feelings bring people back for the reunion and they promote the willingness to contribute to Heidelberg. The short answer is because Heidelberg Is Special."  

The RAP-C chaired by Jim Drake (Draker) created a weekend of activities unsurpassed for those in attendance. The opportunities to visit and share experiences, as well as the chance to see the many physical transformations taking place on campus, created wonderful memories. The sea of orange and black shirts worn by classmates during Saturday’s activities set our class apart and created a visual camaraderie for all to enjoy. Many thanks to the committee members, class without quizzes presenters and those who gave dinner testimonials for delivering an unforgettable weekend.

In summary, not only did our class demonstrate a commitment financially, but also spiritually to the future of the University. Thanks to all who contributed and attended to make this 50 Year Reunion so successful and to reinforce the fact that Heidelberg Is Special.

Tom Wetzel, President