Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an admission deadline?

Our Graduate and Degree Completion Program has a rolling admission policy, meaning we have no set admission deadlines. However, keep in mind that students must first be admitted, then you can sign up for classes.

When do classes start?

Fall classes typically start at the end of August. Spring classes start around the second week January. Summer classes start approximately during the first week of June.

Can I apply to either the Degree Completion or the Masters program online?

Yes! Apply Now!. Be sure you click Adult Undergraduate Application if you are interested in our Degree Completion Program or click the Graduate Application if you are interested in our Masters programs.

Do I have to apply for admission if I am not seeking a degree?

Yes, all students who wish to enroll in either our Degree Completion or Masters Programs must fill out an application. If you chose to apply online, the $25 application fee will be waived. You should also provide official transcripts of all college-level work. These transcripts should be submitted prior to enrollment in courses.

Where can I view the schedule of classes online?

The schedule is available online in OASIS 2. At the top of this page you will find REG System, which will allow you to navigate semester to semester of course availability.

How do locate book availability for my classes?

Go to the Bookstore Course Information website.

My company is willing to reimburse/compensate me for tuition. Are there any special forms for me to complete?

Students must fill out a Tuition Contract Form each semester, right after you sign up for your classes. This form is available either at the front desk of our Administration Office or for download online.

Who do I speak to about financial aid, loans, or scholarships?

The first step is to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA). The code for Heidelberg University is 003048. All questions or concerns about financial aid should be directed to the Financial Aid Department at 419-448-2293 or email at

Who do I contact if I am on a business office hold or have billing questions (itemized bill, fees, payment arrangements)?

The Business Office is responsible for billing. If you have questions or concerns, call (419)-448-2000 for assistance.