Success Stories

“The Accelerated Program at Heidelberg University at Arrowhead has provided me an outstanding opportunity to complete my undergraduate work in a timely fashion as compared with other programs in the area. The convenience of the Arrowhead location combined with the high quality of instruction influenced me to choose Heidelberg to continue my post graduate work and complete my MBA within 24 months at a significant cost savings when compared to competing institutions of higher learning. I wholly recommend the Heidelberg experience.”
Gary Walkowiak, MBA

"I decided to attend Heidelberg at Arrowhead because of the accelerated classes. I wanted to finish my bachelor's as soon as possible. I was able to transfer in credits from my associate's degree and complete my bachelor's degree in 3 years. My teachers were enthusiastic and provided a quality education. I appreciated the real-world experience they provided for me to apply my education to my career."
Jason Wagner

"The last 5 years have flown by so quickly. At times I thought I would never complete my degree, however now that I am at the point of graduation it seems to have just skated right by. Heidelberg at Arrowhead was the perfect environment for me. It would have taken me twice as long to complete my degree had I not been in an accelerated, adult-oriented environment. The staff was terrific and assisted me whenever necessary. They were always full of encouragement and it was a wonderful experience. I would recommend Heidelberg to anyone looking to complete their degree."
Kelly R. Walczak

"I graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in both Business Administration and Psychology. I started taking only one class per term. I really loved the flexibility of the class schedule and the easy access of the campus. I completed my undergraduate degree in little over four years by going part-time at night. I liked the atmosphere so much I decided to continue on and earned an MBA by the summer of 2006."
Robert Koehler, MBA

"Heidelberg has allowed me to meet my educational goals while balancing a full-time career and a family. The program at the Arrowhead Campus offered me an opportunity to gain a degree without needing to attend class several times per week. The accelerated program allowed me to move through my requirements while giving me the skills that I need to be more marketable in my industry. The Arrowhead team "owned" my success and offered the guidance and the support to get my degree in the most efficient manner. Next MBA from Heidelberg!"
Jeni Engler, MBA