Faculty Research Symposium

February 6, 2014 - 3:30pm - 6:00pm
Adams Hall & Ohl Concert Hall

 3:30 p.m. presenters:

  • Freshwater Dinoflagellate Blooms – Dr. Susan Carty (Adams 104)
  • Adjudicated Youth: What Don't We Know? – Dr. Karen Jones (Adams 201)
  • Grocery History in America – Dr. David Hogan (Adams 204)

4 p.m. presenters:

  • Family Values: The Corruption of Innocence in Marc Blitzstein's ‘Juno’ – Dr. Carol Dusdieker (Ohl Concert Hall)
  • Corporate Forms for Combining Profit-Making and Social Motives – Dr. Maef Woods (Adams 201)
  • Ben Jonson’s Puppets and the Artifice of Theater – Dr. Emily Isaacson (Adams 204)

4:40 p.m. presenters:

  • A Metafictive Interrogation of Violence: Killing, Forgiveness, and a Pushy Narrator in Adam Gidwitz’s ‘A Tale Dark & Grimm Trilogy’ – Dr. Michele D. Castleman with Erin F. Reilly-Sanders, Ph.D. candidate from the School of Teaching & Learning, The Ohio State University (Adams 104)
  • Brand Promotion to Win Hearts: Emotional Campaigns to Engage Buyers – Dr. Mary Lou Kohne (Adams 201)
  • Using Cloud-Based Revision Control Systems to Facilitate Student Collaboration in Programming CoursesSean Joyce (Adams 204)

5:10 p.m. presenters:

  • Electronic Surveillance by the State: Political and Ethical Perspectives – Dr. Daryl Close and Tom Newcomb (Adams 104)
  • When the Academy Meets the Academy: The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Faculty – Dr. Julie O’Reilly (Adams 201)
  • Corn, Ethanol and Exports: Resource Misallocation – Dr. Diane Monaco (Adams 204)

5:40 p.m. presenters:

  • Intercultural Competence: Rules of Engagement – Dr. Cinzia Cross (Adams 104)
  • If You Don’t Care, Then Why Should I? The Influence of Instructor Commitment on Student Satisfaction and Commitment – Dr. Brian Saxton with Dr. Alison McConnell Dachner, assistant professor of management, John Carroll University (Adams 201)
  • Partisan and Unapologetic: Canadian Foreign Policy under Stephen Harper – Dr. Marc J. O’Reilly (Adams 204)

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