Campus Directory

Name Position Phone Number
James Roesinger Graduate Assistant - Baseball (419)-448-2188
Zach Rohtert Part-time production - WTTF (419)-447-9883
Cara L Romano Adjunct Instructor of Art
Renee Romstadt Adjunct Professor of Graduate Education (419)-466-8659
Peggy Ronski Administrative Assistant for CNIT and Computer Science (419)-448-2297
Sandra Rostash Administrative Assistant for Alumni Engagement and Advancement Services (419)-448-2028
Janet Rozick Adjunct Faculty
Margaret Rudolph Director of Human Resources (419)-448-2111
Kiara Ruffing Volleyball Assistant Coach (419)-448-2377
Todd Russell HIVAC (419)-448-2391
Eric Rutherford Adjunct Instructor of Bassoon
Walter Ryley Adjunct Professor of Business (419)-448-2901
George Sakash Adjunct Professor of Counseling (419)-448-2288
Nicholas Sanchez Graduate Assistant - Wrestling (419)-448-2605
Rufus G. W. Sanders Adjunct Professor of Counseling
Mary Jo SanGregory Adjunct Professor Education
Neil Sass Assistant Professor of Psychology (419)-448-2235
Brian Saxton Assistant Professor of Management (419)-448-2221
Scott Schalk Groundskeeper (419)-448-2391
Scott Schalk Groundskeeper (419)-448-2391
James Scherf Jr. Adjunct Faculty (419)-448-2118
Teresa Schmidt Administrative Assistant (419)-448-2058
Kevin Scott Custodian
Dr. Christopher Sears Physician (419)-448-2041
Ruth Seibert-Couch Adjunct Instructor of Management