Campus Directory

Name Position Phone Number
Hailey Magers Electrician (419)-448-2391
Terry Magers Office Services Assistant (419)-448-2014
Megan Mahon Assistant Professor of Counseling (419)-448-2889
Christine Maiberger Instructor of German (419)-448-2113
David Mankin Adjunct Professor of Psychology
Linda Mapus Asst. in Financial Aid, Data Entry Clerk (419)-448-2316
Will Marshall IT Systems Administrator (419)-448-2354
Lee Martin Executive Director for Development & Institutional Relations (419)-448-2169
Ron Martin Men's and Women's Track & Field Graduate Assistant 419-448-2179
Susan McCafferty
Adjunct Professor Honors Program
Pre-Law Advisor
Douglas McConnell
Director of Music Technology and Programs
Professor of theory & Composition
Joan McConnell Adjunct Instructor of Organ and Music Theory (419)-448-2277
Jerry McDonald
Assistant Professor of Human Performance And Sports Studies
Head Men's and Women's Tennis Coach
Stephanie McGuire Wise Adjunct Professor of Counseling
Bethany McKinney Adjunct Professor of English
Harry Melroy Adjunct Instructor of Art
Barbara Merryfield Research Assistant (419)-448-2199
Ginny Mesnard Administrative Assistant to Vice President of Enrollment (419)-448-2340
Melvin Meyers Groundskeeper (419)-448-2391
Mary Milazzo Information Specialist (419)-448-2257
Jason Miller
Director of Admissions
Head Volleyball Coach
Jessica Miller
Assistant Professor of Athletic Training
Associate Athletic Trainer
Clinical coverage for: Men's & Women's Soccer, Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field
Kathy Miller Instructor of Movement (419)-448-2306
Nancy Miller
Coordinator of the Private Well Testing Program
Business Manager
Jim Minehart Executive Director for Development & Planned Giving (419)-448-2060