Faculty Manual

Approved by the General Faculty - October 13, 2009, Approved by the Heidelberg Board of Trustees - June 18, 2010

Faculty Manual Task Force: John E. Owen, Ken Baker, Daryl Close, Blake Grangaard, Susan Carty, Vicki Ohl, Jo-Ann Sanders, Kathryn Bradie, Gary Keener, David Weininger, Gary Dickerson and Bill Grasman.

Table of Contents

Section 1: History, Mission, General Organization, and Governance

Section 2: Contractual Relationships

Section 3: Academic Policies and Services of Interest to the Faculty

Section 4: Administrative and Financial Policies of Interest to the Faculty

Section 5: External Relations Policies of Interest to the Faculty

Appendix A

Heidelberg University Organizational Chart

Appendix B

Heidelberg Board of Trustees

Appendix C

Faculty Search Policies

Appendix D

Student Handbook: the Student Handbook may be requested from the Office of Student Affairs, or accessed online.