University Committees and Councils

In addition to the elected committees described in the Faculty Constitution, University Committees and Councils consist of appointed members, or a combination of elected and appointed members. Academic Enhancement Committee
The Academic Enhancement Committee is open to any interested students, faculty, and staff. The purpose of the committee is to discuss, propose and effectuate ways to enhance the academic environment of the campus. Among other endeavors, the committee is responsible for presenting the open discussions/forums called Hot Topics, Academic Jeopardy, the Faculty Research Symposium, and the Student Research Conference. Calendar and Events Committee
The committee consists of representatives from Academic Affairs, Institutional Advancement, Athletics, Student Affairs, and Admission. The committee reviews and implements long-term calendar plans and schedules major campus events including Homecoming, Parents Weekend, and Holiday events. Disabilities Identification Team (DIT)
The Disabilities Identification Team consists of faculty members and staff appointed by the president on the basis of their expertise in matters related to physical, emotional, and learning disabilities and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The Director of the Academic Success Center, the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, the Vice President for Business Affairs are non-voting members of the committee.

The committee reviews all applications for disability accommodations by students. The DIT will ensure proper documentation to determine a disability, and contingent upon these reviews, determine and recommend appropriate accommodations. The DIT supports students with disabilities in acquiring the necessary diagnosis and documentation. The DIT periodically will review the provision of accommodations in order to ensure their appropriateness. Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR)
The FAR serves as the liaison between the faculty and the athletic department. The FAR certifies the academic eligibility of student athletes on team rosters, and serves as the faculty representative to the Ohio Athletic Conference and the NCAA. In addition, the FAR ensures that the institution establishes and maintains the appropriate balance between academics and intercollegiate athletics. The FAR is appointed by the President of the University. Faculty Marshal’s Committee
The committee consists of three representatives appointed by the Provost from members of the faculty. The committee assists in the planning of campus ceremonies and members serve as marshals for faculty and students at those events. Honors Committee
The committee consists of three faculty members appointed by the Provost, and three honors students appointed by the faculty members of the committee. The Associate Dean of the Honors Program, the Faculty Coordinator of the Honors Program, and the Service Learning Coordinator are non-voting members of the committee. The committee oversees the University Honors Program. Institutional Review Board
The Board consists of four faculty members, elected for 2 year terms. An appropriately qualified individual from outside the Heidelberg community is appointed by the Provost. The Institutional Review Board reviews and approves proposals for research which uses human subjects, and assures that the proposals comply with appropriate state and federal regulations. International Programs Advisory Council
The committee consists of faculty, staff, and students who are appointed on an annual basis by the President. The committee’s charges include:

periodic review of the University’s activities in the area of international programs promotion of international programs by facilitating and communicating the existence of such programs across the campus.

providing to the President of the University and to the Heidelberg community an annual comprehensive list of all international programs that have taken place on and off campus during the academic year. Science Day Committee
The Science Day Committee consists of three faculty members from the sciences, appointed annually by the Provost. The function of the committee is to coordinate and plan the annual Science Day and Scholarship Day for area middle school and high school students. Strategic Budgeting Committee
The Strategic Budgeting Committee consists of four members elected by the General Faculty, the Vice President for Administrative and Business Affairs, and other members appointed annually by the President from the faculty, staff, and administration. The committee assists in developing a budget for the following fiscal year and in developing future budgets and budgeting procedures. Strategic Planning Council
The council consists of six faculty members, four administrators, two students, and the strategic planning coordinator. All positions are appointed by the President, except for three of the faculty positions which are elected by the General Faculty. The President of the University is a non-voting member of the council.

The council’s responsibilities include formulating a strategic plan for the University which is measurable and consistent with the institutional mission, and working to ensure that this plan is embraced by the university’s major constituent groups, including faculty and staff, students, alumni, Trustees, and the local community. The council also develops measurable goals which flow from and help to realize the plan.