Heidelberg Archives Annual Report 2011-2012

Abbreviated Summary of the Report submitted July 11, 2012

Collection Maintenance

  1. Received materials from many sources, including a large amount from the Student Life Office.
  2. Reorganized faculty files, Dr. Klopfenstein’s archival file, and the collection “Departments of Instruction.”
  3. Met with the Archives Advisory Committee 29 February 2012 and agreed to meet again in August 2012.
  4. Benefited from the work of student volunteers Michelle Fitch in 2010-11 and Jen Jansen in 2011-12.
  5. Measured the number of linear feet of materials in the collection at 839.


  1. Welcomed 25 students and 103 faculty, staff and guests doing research.
  2. Welcomed the classes of Prof. Kimmel and Prof. Beisaw as they started research.
  3. Created a display about the 625th anniversary of the University of Heidelberg on 23 September 2012 for the alumni of the American Junior Year at Heidelberg who met on campus.
  4. Organized a display about the 125th anniversary of University Hall for Founders Day on 11 November 2011. Previous Founders Day exhibits included Fun Facts for Founders Day (2007),The First Five Buildings on the Campus (2009), Foremost Faculty Selected by the Class of 1960 (2010), The Changing Campus (2006), Presidential Pursuits (2008) and Laird Hall History (2009).
  5. Welcomed 34 guests to the archives on Alumni Weekend and prepared a display for Alumnus Paul Volz ’58 and his participation in the Apollo 16 mission.
  6. Began research for an exhibit on the 100th anniversary of Pfleiderer Hall to be celebrated in October 2012.

Research Assistance

Supplied information, photos and materials for the Class of 1962, the Class of 1963, the Class of 1964, the members of Delta Sigma Chi, the social media staff, the sports information staff, the alumni office staff, the roofing company working on Beeghly Library, 12 genealogists, the Fireside Café, and others.

Professional Development

Enjoyed a visit from Roland Baumann, retired archivist from Oberlin College on 25 April 2012.