Edible Books Fest 2011: A Tasty Treat

The Friends of Beeghly Library at Heidelberg University celebrated its sixth annual Edible Books Fest on April 3, 2011. The culinary creations reminiscent of books were creative and tasty.

Congratulations went to the following chefs: Brook Putsch won the Blue Ribbon award for the Most Artistic edible Book for her Jack in the Beanstalk Cake; Erin Shaffer won the Blue Ribbon Award for the best dessert with her hot air balloon fruit pizza; Aramark Campus Dining Service’s Jimmy Jones won the Blue Ribbon Award for the best entrée for his Salsa Pasta; Bobbi Bishop won the Blue Ribbon Award for the best side dish for her Mushroom Deluxe Casserole based on the book The Fungus that Ate My School; Rylan Roszman won the Blue Ribbon award for a Junior Chef for Rylan’s Mice; and Tyler Rochester won the People’s Choice Award for his Rice Crispie Moby Dick.

Judges for the event were Brad Modlin, English instructor; Kiuko Sanders, retired instructor of Japanese; David Weininger, Provost of Heidelberg University; and Lewis Miller, retired Director of International Programs.  Local businesses were again generous in contributing door prizes and awards. Trinity Lescallett again created center pieces that featured verbal and visual puns on books and food.