‘Berg, Owens renew transfer partnership

A renewed partnership between Heidelberg University and Owens Community College will provide new opportunities for Owens students who want to pursue their bachelor’s degrees at Heidelberg.

Administrators for the two institutions gathered at Owens on Tuesday to sign a dual admission agreement and a transfer agreement that will make the transfer process seamless for Owens students, who can enter Heidelberg with junior standing after having completed their associate’s degrees.

Owens students also have another option. The dual admission option gives them access to academic advising and student IDs at both institutions simultaneously, which will provide them with access to services, campus events and activities at both schools. Coursework successfully completed at Owens will transfer to Heidelberg and will count toward degree requirements here.

Sue Stine, associate director of admission who crafted the agreements along with Owens’ Associate Vice Provost Tamara Williams, said the two schools had been working to finalize the agreements for quite some time. In essence, it is a renewal of a similar agreement created 16 years ago when Owens transitioned from a technical to a community college.

“We’re very excited about this agreement,” Williams said. “It’s a great opportunity for our students, and with Owens opening a learning center in Arrowhead Park in January, it’ll be a better opportunity for our students to complete their degrees.” Heidelberg operates a branch campus in Arrowhead designed specifically for degree completion.

Administrators from both institutions concur that the agreement cements a long-time partnership. “When we transitioned to a community college in 1993, Heidelberg was one of the first institutions that came to us, signed an articulation with us and welcomed our students,” said Paul Unger, executive vice president and provost at Owens. “We appreciated that and we appreciate this long-time partnership.”

Heidelberg President Rob Huntington, who took office six months ago, participated in his first articulation agreement signing. “It’s great to be associated with a place where people care about the depth and breadth of student growth,” he said.
Dr. David Weininger, vice president of Academic Affairs and Heidelberg provost, also expressed his excitement about the prospects of the new agreement. “Your students will fit in very well with our students,” he told the Owens team. “They have the same academic goals and aspirations, and we will treasure them as much as we do our own students.”

“We will take very good care of any students you send us,” Weininger told his Owens counterparts.

The first student has already enrolled and will take advantage of the opportunity beginning in January, according to Stine.

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Dec 16, 2009