Student-athletes take ‘family’ literally

The word "family" is utilized in sport arenas to define how teams unite for one goal or purpose. There’s nothing better than sharing an athletic achievement together, as a family. Eighteen Heidelberg student-athletes have taken this term literally, while they participate in athletics and sometimes even the same team along with their sibling.

The Moran sistersAthletics are about staying disciplined and improving every day. You need someone to tell you what you are doing wrong so you can improve. Usually it’s a coach who’s responsible, but it may mean more coming from your own sibling.

“You always have that support you need and you do not take criticism personally when it’s from your sister,” said Bridget Moran, who is a member of the women’s soccer and softball team with twin sister, Carrie. “It helps us push each other to keep working hard.”

Whether it’s support, accountability or just enjoying collegiate athletics together, having a sibling to do it with is double the fun. It’s even more fun when you can enjoy successful seasons together.

“My brother Teddy and I were able to enjoy the World Series experience last year,” said All-American baseball pitcher Andy Lowe. “Winning is not everything, but it feels good.”

Jacki Street added, “The success the volleyball team has had in the past four years and being a part of that is just an amazing experience in itself, but when you have your sister, your best friend, the success is that much sweeter.”

Some older siblings were able to give advice prior to their sibling arriving to Heidelberg. Though the primary competition is against the opposition, there’s nothing wrong with some friendly sibling rivalry.

“If I’m playing bad, Jacki will straight up tell me," said Suzy Street. “If Jacki does block me or something in practice, it’s OK, because I’m the one who taught her everything she knows!”

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Feb 10, 2011
Nathaniel J. LaRiccia