Getting ahead at the Berg

Felicia KonradWhere can you major in anthropology, prepare for medical school and take a year to study German in Germany? For Felicia Konrad, a 2011 North Baltimore High School graduate, the answer to that question was Heidelberg University. In addition to her rigorous course-load, Konrad plans on being very active in extracurricular activities too.

“I plan on playing on the women's golf team in the spring and I hope to participate in some of the music groups on campus,” stated Konrad.

Her enthusiasm for Heidelberg is so strong, she decided to start her academic career a little bit earlier and is enrolled in six hours of coursework this summer. Archaeology Field Experience, Anthropology 250 and 251, give Konrad the opportunity to be a part of the Johnson’s Island Civil War Prison Archaeological Investigation. The site is accessed by bridge from Catawba Island and has been a part of the Center for Historic and Military Archaeology’s array of sites investigated since 1998. Other sites include the Buffington Island Battlefield in Meigs County and the Fallen Timbers Battlefield in Maumee, Ohio.

Digging at Johnsons IslandKonrad, who has been exploring the site for the last week, is delighted with the class. “We have worked hard but it has been a wonderful learning opportunity. I do not have a favorite part of the class simply because, in my opinion, all of the parts are necessary to become good at doing archaeological field work, which is my goal.”

“I chose Heidelberg because it was a small school--which meant small classes,” Konrad added. “I also chose it because it had the anthropology program I was looking for—which emphasized archaeology.”

Konrad is definitely diving right into her life at Heidelberg, and has no plans on slowing down.

“I am looking forward to all of the learning opportunities that I will have at Heidelberg. I hope to participate in the Honors program which will help with my double major. In the next four years I am looking forward the most to the chance to study abroad. I want to study in Germany at Heidelberg. It will be a unique cultural experience that will last me a life time.”

Heidelberg accepts applications year round. There is still time to apply and enroll for the fall of 2011. If you would like or know someone who would like to be a part of the class of 2016, we encourage you to apply or schedule a campus visit!

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Jun 13, 2011