Campus seeing major, minor improvements this summer

Jun 28, 2012

SaurweinAs the construction nears completion on the Saurwein Health & Wellness Center, a series of smaller-scale construction and improvement projects are gearing up for the summer.

One of the most significant projects will involve aesthetic and functional improvements to the lower campus fields and parking areas south of Saurwein and Gillmor Hall. The project, which will be privately funded, involves creating redefined entrances to the lower campus, rainwater detention areas and other improvements.

“The entrance to campus from Circular Street onto Rebecca Street will become a much more inviting point of access to campus,” said Rod Morrison, associate vice president of facilities and engineering. Views from Greenfield Street and Saurwein will focus more on landscaping and less on asphalt, he said. Construction is scheduled to begin soon with landscaping in September and October.

Bryenton Honors HouseWith the removal of the softball field, the university had an opportunity to enhance the area, and created a design that will complement the new health and wellness center.

After several years of planning, the Greenfield Street Improvement Project, funded by federal dollars, is finally coming to fruition. The university is working with the city of Tiffin to eliminate the traffic triangle in front of Aigler Hall, making a more direct turn from Greenfield Street onto Perry Street.

Additionally, Greenfield Street – from University Hall to the Honors House and possibly beyond – will be widened and landscaped. Morrison said bids were favorable and may allow for expansion in the scope of the project, expected to start in July and run for four-six months. An additional proposal for improvements to Sarah Street is being developed.

Two other major projects, which will show visible improvements, are under way at the Bryenton Honors House and Beeghly Library.

In the Honors House includes a new recovered slate roof and the restoration of a “widow’s walk,” repair and stabilization of the exterior, which has experienced deterioration, exterior and interior painting, renovation of interior space and doors installed on the west side of the house to provide access to a new patio.

Work in Beeghly Library includes a new third-floor air conditioning unit, roof repairs, including possibly a new dome, new carpeting, and interior painting and wall repairs.

Several smaller projects are under way or planned for the summer:

  • Renovation of several second-floor areas in University Hall to facilitate the more of remaining IA staff from the Blue House.
  • Exterior painting of the high wood structure of Founders Hall and all ground and basement level doors.
  • Exterior work to repair water infiltration in Pfleiderer Hall, stabilize exterior stairs and replace carpeting in Herbster Chapel.
  • Exterior masonry work to France Residence Hall and Miller Residence Hall
  • Repairs and resurfacing of several parking lots
  • Demolition of 270 E. Market St.