A Hobby Turned Career

Oct 4, 2012

Sarah EndeSarah Ende never thought she would be at Heidelberg University. She never thought she would be in Ohio.

“I’ve always been a city girl,” she said. “That’s what I thought I wanted.” Having grown up in Chicago, Heidelberg wasn’t on her college search list. She discovered Heidelberg through her connection to the United Church of Christ. “I was looking for a small UCC school and when I saw Heidelberg at a fair I became interested,” she said.

Sarah made two trips to Heidelberg. On her second, she was hooked. “I loved everything,” she said. “It’s very different from where I grew up, and I liked that I didn’t know anyone. I wanted to meet lots of new people.”

Heidelberg’s School of Business also attracted Sarah. “It is a dream of mine to own my own business,” she said. She knows from experience.

When Sarah was 13, she became interested in jewelry making. She learned the process through a family friend, and when she was 15, her parents got her a kiln for Christmas. Her kiln is roughly the size of two shoe boxes and can reach temperatures of 1,500 degrees. Layers of glass are heated in the kiln over a period of 24 hours.

“It’s quite a process because after it’s done heating, you have to let it cool too,” she said. “It can make a mess.” She has made bracelets, rings and necklaces in various shapes and colors.

Sarah didn’t stop at just making jewelry. She wanted to sell it. With her business Sarah’s Glass Creations, she began traveling to craft shows and making a profit. To expand her market she sold her jewelry on Etsy, an online marketplace, and through an aunt’s shop in New York City. The money went first to supplies, second to fair registration fees and the final profit was put into a college fund.

Her interest in art came out in high school where she took classes like 3D art and advanced ceramics. “I was always more interested in working with my hands,” she said. This passion for art has given Sarah business experience and shown her that she wants to be in that environment.

Now in college, Sarah’s Glass Creations has been put on hold. “It will always be a hobby,” she said. “I want to become more creative and try new things.”

With that attitude there’s no doubt Sarah’s passion for art and business will take her places.