Capstone: Honors students to present final projects

Nov 29, 2012

As the fall semester winds to a close, about 10 Honors students are putting the final touches on their senior Honors projects, which they will present Dec. 3-4.

During their final year, students in the The Life of the Mind Honors Program complete a senior honors project with a faculty mentor of their choice. This project usually derives from a student's major field and individualizes and deepens a student's understanding of a topic of compelling interest in her or his major.

Each student has been working with a faculty mentor to develop a topic for the project. The faculty member serves as a research and writing mentor, who evaluates the senior project including the written report and oral presentation. Students are responsible for setting up research and writing deadlines, with input from their mentor.

To enrich the intellectual and community life of the Heidelberg community and the larger Tiffin community, senior Honors students will share their projects in a public celebration of excellence in scholarship. Each student will prepare an oral presentation of her or his project in which the student presents the substance of her or his project.

The student will wish to consult with her or his mentor for guidance and coaching in preparing for the public presentation.

Students presenting their senior Honors projects include:

  • Holli Burns – “Perception of Gender in children grades 1 Through 5”
  • Jaime Filzer – “Is the Education in countries Which Do Not Track Their Students More Successful than in Those That Do?”
  • John Huenemann – “The Dreaded Concert Hall Explained: How Formality May Be Stopping Us from Listening”
  • Carri Melcher – “The Significance of Craniofacial Measurements for Sex Determination in Human Skeletal Remains”
  • Jonathan Miller – “Determination of the Diamond-Graphite Phase Transition Enthalpy Using Bomb Calorimetry”
  • Gabrielle Mintz – “Appreciating the Selfless Gift of Body Donation”
  • Brandi Oswald – “Now We Have Seen War and it is Dreadful: The Effects of the Civil war on Civilian Life in Fredericksburg and Gettysburg”
  • Kayla Percy – “Analyzing Faunal Remains from the Latrines at Johnson’s Island”
  • Alayna Stastny – “Teachers’ Perceptions of Training and Personal Beliefs in Technology as Reflected in Their Teaching”