What You Missed This Summer

Aug 14, 2012
  1. Saurwein is open. The Health and Wellness Center opened its door this month. There is still work to be done, but coaches and staff are moved in, equipment is set up, and students can begin using the facilities when they arrive on campus. It will be a great place to hang out and work out all year! Take a closer look at Saurwein.
  2. Honors House Improved. Work is still underway to enhance Honors House. This includes a new slate roof, restoration of a “widow’s walk” and a new patio with a side entrance. Minor interior work was done as well including some painting. See all the improvements. University Hall
  3. New Faces on Campus. In addition to the new faces of first year students, you will see new faces of faculty and staff. This summer new hires were made in the communication and marketing office, admission office, institutional advancement office, and athletic office, residence life as well as new faculty members. Make sure you say hello!
  4. Beeghly had a facelift. The library relocated its services to Pfleiderer Hall for part of the summer while under construction, but it will be back in business this fall. Work included new carpet, roof repairs, painting, and a new 3rd floor AC unit. Maybe students will want to spend more time in the library this year. To see photos of the work check out Beeghly’s facebook page.
  5. No more pesky triangle. The Greenfield street entrance has been widened to allow a better traffic flow into campus. The traffic triangle is gone with a cut-through to head west on Perry St. With the widened street there was room to add islands in the middle of Greenfield.  See the full details.
  6. We hit a million. Dollars that is. Our March to a Million surpassed its goal to strengthen our academic programs. In addition, the ACCE fundraising campaign has already reached 74% of its goal by reaching $37 million dollars. Read about what this means.
  7. Major Changes. Students looking for academic programs will see some changes this year. Two new majors, Health Sciences and Self-Designed Studies are now part of the Heidelberg curriculum. The academic structure was also changed to form all majors into eight divisions: Arts and Humanities, The School of Business, The School of Music, The School of Education, Natural Sciences, Health Sciences, Social Sciences and Counseling
  8. Houses are disappearing. The Dean of Student Affairs, Dustin Brentlinger, has been living in a house on Rebecca Street across the bridge. That house will be taken down and Brentlinger will move to a house on Main St. near King Hall. Also, the house located behind Aigler will be taken down soon. There are no plans yet for the space after the houses are gone.
  9. More Elbow Room. The lower campus parking lots were repaved and redesigned. With the redesign, the same parking space was able to fit more parking spots. Other improvements included landscaping and rainwater detention areas. Not only is the space better utilized, but it looks nicer too. This was the summer of construction.

10. What You Missed This Summer? Heidelberg. You know you did. Have a great welcome week!