Soon-to-be grad lands job with Ernst & Young

Apr 30, 2012

Logan Weiland After a summer internship with Ernst & Young, ranked by Forbes as the eighth largest private company in the United States in 2011, senior Logan Weiland knows the ins and outs of the accounting firm.

His work there was so impressive that the firm is holding a job for him until he gets his master’s degree in 2013.

Logan is majoring in accounting with a minor in finance. “I took an Introduction to Accounting course freshman year and really enjoyed it so I decided that accounting was a great fit for me,” he stated.

Hailing from Valley City, Weiland said that after visiting Heidelberg his senior year, “I knew it was where I belonged. The people were very nice and the business faculty seemed very personable. Also, I was drawn to the university for their superb athletic teams.”

Logan has learned to manage a busy schedule that includes the men’s varsity golf team, the former president of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, a part-time job in the mail room and serving as the accounting tutor for undergraduate accounting classes. He credits Heidelberg for teaching him to balance his time and responsibilities.

“I was able to apply my time management techniques that I have acquired at Heidelberg and during my internship at Ernst and Young this past summer. [My skills] really helped me complete tasks that were assigned to me in a timely manner.”

Logan plans to return to Ernst & Young in the fall of 2013, banking on his collective Heidelberg experiences to serve him well in his accounting career.

When looking into the future, though, Weiland has many plans. “One thing I would love to do is work my way up in the firm and one day become a partner in the Assurance Practice,” he said. “I could also see myself getting a few years of auditing experience under my belt and switching over to EY's Fraud Investigation and Dispute Services, practice where I could broaden my knowledge of accounting through the practice of forensic accounting.” Another dream is his owning his own restaurant.

Logan will be attending Miami University in Ohio starting this fall to pursuing his master’s degree in accountancy.

When it comes to his successes, he has many, and he attributes them back to Heidelberg.

“Heidelberg has helped shape me into the person I am today,” he said.