New Students on Campus

Jun 19, 2013

orientation logo

For the past two days Heidelberg’s campus was alive with students once again. The first of three new student orientations brought exciting new faces to campus to begin their Heidelberg journey.

Students and their families spent time in sessions ranging from getting involved, to academic advising, and staying healthy. They were able to ask questions about campus life, dining, and go on tours of the residence halls.

Orientation crowd

Business also had to be done. Health forms were filled out, language placement tests were taken, and fall classes were selected. When students arrive this fall on move-in day, they will be prepared to jump right in to college life.

Through icebreakers, spending two days together, and bowling, students were able to meet their classmates and start the friendships that will continue on through their four years at Heidelberg.

There are three more orientations to come this summer on July 14, July 28, and August 12.