The business of politics

Jul 18, 2013

Steve Kisan came from a big city to Heidelberg looking for a personal small town college experience. What he got was a personal experience tailored to his interests, and a career path he wants to follow.

Kisan knew he was interested in business and when he took his first economics class he was hooked. “I love this,” he said. In addition, Kisan had an interest in getting involved with the local and surrounding community. He saw a need for action.

steve kisan

This past January, Kisan started the Young Republicans of Seneca County organization. The growing group has already traveled to Columbus to meet with Ohio governor, John Kasich, and congressional committee members. They are planning community service initiatives for the fall. “The goal is to get younger people involved in their community and politics,” he said. “We want to inform people on issues that affect them.” Heidelberg business professor Brian Saxton is also involved with the group.

This summer, Kisan is combining his involvement in politics with his business education by working with the mayor’s office through an internship program. He works on projects for the mayor, conducts research and gives presentations. He attends meetings in place of the mayor or attends with him and takes notes.

“I never realized the complexity and amount of time it takes to complete a project. For something as simple as paving a road, there are a lot of steps that need to be taken,” he said. The mayor’s office started the internship program this January and Kisan is the second Heidelberg student to hold the position.

Kisan is utilizing his business background in a way he hadn’t thought of before. “It’s been helpful to learn about a political economy through a local government setting,” he said. “It’s economics at the macro and micro levels.” While economics and politics often go hand in hand, Kisan thinks he wants to stay in the business world.

His career goals include becoming an economist and landing a job with a federal bank or in the financial sector as an analyst. “You have to get your foot in the door in those places with an internship,” he said. “Then they will consider you for a job.”

Working with the city of Tiffin is giving Kisan business, political and professional experience. All of which he will take with him after graduation. “This will open doors for me,” he said. “It’s been a fantastic experience.”