People You Need to Know: Jeff Rhoades

Aug 20, 2013

Jeff RhoadesDirector of Security Jeff Rhoades is someone you should get to know, but for the right reasons.

In his position, Jeff and his department are responsible for enforcing university policies while maintaining a safe and secure environment for the entire campus community. The Security Office is staffed 24/7 year round and works closely with the Tiffin fire and police departments when necessary.

Although not a police officer, Jeff has a background in law enforcement, having worked as a probation officer for 17 years before becoming director of security in 2010. As a Heidelberg alum, he cares passionately about the university and wants students to have the best possible experience.

Day to day, he deals with routine issues such as parking, students who want to dispute parking tickets, and other issues such as complaints, vehicle registration and visitor parking passes. Security provides escorts for students as requested, and is responsible for securing campus facilities and responding to emergencies and fire alarms.

Students frequently stop by inquiring about working security. He employs eight students as part of his security staff.

“And then, there are others who are assigned to come see me by the dean because of an incident that we are investigating,” Jeff says.

Regardless of the issue, he enjoys the interaction he has with students. “I try to find positive ways to connect with them.”

You’ll see him at many athletic events throughout the school year. As a former football player at the Berg, he’s been a supporter of Heidelberg athletics, even when he was working away from the campus.

It’s cool, Jeff says, that a number of alums are employed at the university. “Being an alum means more to me working here than any other job I’ve had. I have a lot of pride because I went here.”

He hopes new students develop that same pride and carry it with them after graduation. One way to get there is to make good decisions in and out of the classroom. His advice to new students: “Be smart about the choices you make. Part of college is growing up and being introduced to new things. Just be smart about it and remember your choices will affect you after you leave Heidelberg.”