Senior of the Month: Jared Linden

Nov 22, 2013

Jared LindenName: Jared Linden

Hometown: Grafton, OH

Major: Criminal Justice

Involvement: Golf team, Euglossian Society corollary, Heidelberg Security Office.


Why did you choose Heidelberg?

“I transferred to Heidelberg from Akron University after earning my associates degree. I had developed a bond with coach Hartsel (golf) and he had spots open on the team. When I was scheduling, Dr. Newcomb personally called me about overloading into his classes. I was impressed because he went out of his way to contact me. He didn’t have to do that.”

Who is your mentor on campus?

“Coach Hartsel. Not only is he a great coach, but he is willing to help us with anything. Also Jeff Rhodes, my boss in security. He has been in law enforcement for over twenty years and ever since I started working with the security office I’ve learned a lot from him. He actually helped me get an internship with the Seneca County Drug Task Force.

What has been your favorite Berg experience?

“It was my internship at the drug task force. I think it’s hands down the best internship any criminal justice major can get in this area. They are so well known that putting them on your resume will help anyone get a job. Also some of the people I’ve met, I know I’m going to be friends with for a long time. I like the feel here, it’s smaller. I didn’t think I wanted that, but I’m glad I did come here. You have stronger bonds with friends and better relationships.”

What did you learn from your internship?

“It’s not all kicking down doors. People hear drug task force and that’s what they think, but it’s so much more. With what police do now, your biggest tool anymore is your mouth. Not your gun, not your taser. If you can defuse a situation without using your gun, that’s what makes a good police officer. I was able to do a lot of basic tasks like logging evidence and paperwork, but the best part was learning how to communicate well and treat people right.”

What is your advice to underclassmen?

“It’s very competitive, but if you can try for the Metrich Internship with the Seneca County Drug Task Force. It’s by far one of the best experiences you’ll have here. I don’t know of many other internships where you’ll get to be as proactive. Other internships may have big names, but you won’t learn as much as you would here.”

What are your post-graduation plans?

“I’m graduating in December. I have applied to the Police Academy and will complete that training next February through June. With that I can be a police officer anywhere in the state of Ohio. I’ll be certified and have a criminal justice degree. If you have both of those you are sitting really well to get hired.”