Meet Emily Isaacson

Dec 12, 2013

Emily IsaacsonEmily earned her bachelors at Augustana and her masters and Ph.D. from the University of Missouri. After graduating, she worked at Florida Atlantic University and Chowan University in North Carolina, but she always wanted to get back to the Midwest. Heidelberg was a great fit.

“There is a sense of community across disciplines here. Everyone supports you,” she said. “I like working with students who are well-rounded.”

Emily’s background is in renaissance literature and drama. “I always knew I liked the renaissance. It was such a tumultuous time period,” she said. “In grad school I took an 18th century novels course that was so intellectually stimulating I knew I had to keep going.”

At Heidelberg, Emily teaches Literature of the Modern World, World Literature, Renaissance Drama, and Senior Seminar. “I want to show students that studying literature can be engaging and fun,” she said. “You can take the literature seriously, but not yourself.”

It takes time to learn a new place and a new culture, but Emily has enjoyed getting to know Heidelberg students. “I have worked to find out what students already know and establish a rapport with them,” she said. “I’m happy with their openness and creativity.”

In November, Emily presented at the Midwest Modern Languages Association conference and next spring she plans to attend Shakespeare Association of America conference. She hopes to present a paper she is working on about Shakespeare and the new liberal arts.

Emily provides a fun and in-depth approach to literature, even having students act out roles. “Students here have been open to new ideas and trying new ways to thinking,” she said.

She looks forward to becoming more involved around campus, especially with the theatre department. “We could sponsor movie nights for Shakespeare adaptations,” she said. “It’s really important for your education to be willing to try new things.”

When she’s not teaching: Emily enjoys traveling and photography.