Meet Justin Pruneski

Dec 16, 2013

Justin PruneskiJustin earned his B.S. from Walsh University and his M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh where he developed a passion for teaching. Before Heidelberg, he taught as an adjunct at Carlow University, University of Pittsburgh, and was a visiting professor at John Carroll University. He was ready for his first full-time teaching position.

“I knew where I would be most happy is a smaller environment,” he said. “I’m excited about being at Heidelberg because it reminds me of my undergrad and I look forward to being able to interact with students.”

For science students, that interaction happens in the classroom and in labs where research experience is essential. This semester Justin taught basic biology and its labs and labs for non-majors. “I enjoy giving students firsthand experience with research,” he said. “They begin to see how all the lectures and information work with real things.” His own graduate research focused on molecular biology and genetics, specifically the regulation of genes in yeast cells.

Next semester, Justin will be teaching the upper level biology course, Microbiology, and Contemporary Biological Problems, usually for non-majors. Teaching both seniors in their biology capstone and freshman non-majors provides Justin with a wide variety of experiences. “I’m excited for both. Microbiology is in my research area, but I’m also looking forward to getting non-majors excited about science,” he said.

Teaching courses for all levels of students “I’m looking forward to seeing students grow and change as they progress. How their thinking and interests change from freshman to senior,” he said.

Justin is looking forward to advising students and organizations. “The people here have helped make this transition seamless,” he said. “It’s been a fun first semester.”

When he’s not teaching: Justin enjoys traveling, movies, and golf.