Grad shows versatility, gains experience

Jul 25, 2013

Rachel Ferguson It’s only been two months since graduation, but Rachel Ferguson is already on her professional fast track with two summer internships and grad school this fall. Though she is moving fast, she feels prepared. As a communication media studies major, she allowed herself to take advantage of Heidelberg’s liberal arts core.

“We really do get a unique education,” she said. “I not only learned about communication, but also about business, about art, about anthropology…we’re taught to be versatile.” That versatility is already showing its benefits.

Rachel met Chuck Burmeister, a local yoga instructor, when she joined his power yoga class at Saurwein her last semester at Heidelberg. Chuck overheard her talking to a friend about graphic design and he asked if she would want to design the cover for his “Real Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis” DVD.

“As soon as I heard the DVD was for MS I was in,” she said. Rachel has a family member who suffers from MS and growing up her family worked with a local Alzheimer’s Association. The DVD’s routine is designed for people with MS, but it’s also suitable for anyone living with a disability, injury, or illness as it helps improve balance, flexibility, increase strength, and reduce fatigue.

Real Yoga for MS DVD cover

Rachel had worked with graphics for Heidelberg’s TV and radio stations, but this was her first solo project. “It was a good experience,” she said.

This project was not only something to put on her resume, but also gave her practice in using technology and computer applications. “I recently got Adobe Creative Suite and this project was helpful in getting used to it,” she said.

It won’t be long before Rachel uses the skills she developed from this project. This summer she has a marketing internship where she is redesigning graphics. She will also be in charge of creating and managing graphics for the Dubuque volleyball team this fall.

While graphic design isn’t her main focus, she knows the value of being able to do more than one thing. “Graphic design has become a hobby that makes money,” she said. “I’m sure I will continue to use these skills.”

This fall she will be attending graduate school in Iowa at the University of Dubuque. She will work as a grad assistant for volleyball while earning her MBA. With a mindset that embraces challenges and an ever growing skill set, there is no doubt that Rachel will be successful.