Faculty model research techniques

Feb 12, 2013

Faculty, students and staff at a presentationAs a precursor to next week’s Student Research Conference, Heidelberg faculty took center stage on Feb. 7 to present their research activities to the campus community. This year, a record number of faculty – 19 in all – gave sessions that modeled presentation techniques in various disciplines for students.

For example, Dr. Paul Mayhew demonstrated ways thin slicing can show effective teaching techniques. Dr. Ellen Nagy discussed the results of the 2012 National Survey of Student Engagement and ways data applies to learning outcomes and the overall student experience. Dr. Nainsí Houston and Dr. Julie O’Reilly explored the realm of social media as it has enables celebrity worship. Dr. Ken Baker discussed the issues surrounding the release of captive box turtles back into the wild.

Disciplines represented at the annual symposium included education, business, music, biology, communication, history, anthropology, political science, philosophy and assessment.

The full list of faculty presenters included:

  • Dr. Kristen Williams (education), Gifted High-School Students’ Perspectives on the Development of Perfectionism
  • Dr. Barb Specht (music), The Development of Student Entrepreneurship in Music and the Arts
  • Dr. Brian Saxton (business administration), Toward an Entrepreneurial Logic of Performance
  • Dr. Michele Castleman (education), The Meaning of Death in Life: The Cultural Implications of Killer Protagonists in Contemporary Young Adult Literature
  • Dr. Paul Mayhew (music), Evaluating Teaching Effectiveness in Fifteen Seconds or Less: What Thin Slices of Classroom Interaction Teach Us about Effective Teaching Strategies
  • Dr. Susan Carty (biology), The Dilemma of Gymnodinium
  • Dr. Ellen Nagy (Faculty Student Advising/Assessment), Understanding Heidelberg's Student Engagement: Patterns of Evidence
  • Dr. Csaba Nyiri (philosophy), Integrating Ethics into Sociobiology: The Case of Deception
  • Dr. Nainsí Houston (Beeghly Library) & Julie O’Reilly (CTA), Now I Lay Me Down to Tweet: Tweeting as Prayer in U.S. Celebrity Culture
  • Dr. Dave Bush (anthropology), Achieving Status in an Officer's Civil War Prison
  • Dr. Courtney DeMayo (history), Classical Learning in the Cathedral Schools of Northern France: Reims and Chartres, 970-1030
  • Dr. John Bing (political science), Instability of Self-Categorization as a Conservative Over Time
  • Dr. Chris Tucci (CTA), PTSD on Stage
  • Dr. Daryl Close (philosophy, computer science), Fair Faculty Evaluation
  • Dr. Ken Baker (biology) , It is Illegal in Ohio to Release Captive Box Turtles. Should it Be? A Radio-telemetry Study of Captive Box Turtles on Release to Nature
  • Dr. Marc O’Reilly (political science), Faustian Bargains and the Axiom of Perpetual Suboptimality: Obama 2nd Term Foreign Policy vis-à-vis the Middle East
  • Dr. Carol Dusdieker (music,) Bridging the Divide: Arnold Bax and A Celtic Song Cycle
  • Joan McConnell (music), Eben’s Hommage à Buxtehude