Young Scientist Day

Mar 7, 2013

Heidelberg and local studentLast Thursday, the Division of Natural Sciences at Heidelberg University hosted a Young Scientist Day as a community outreach program. Jim Mason from the North Central Ohio Educational Service Center and Jennifer Bupp from Tiffin Middle School, brought 35 middle school students to Heidelberg for a day of science.

The students were greeted by Heidelberg’s own President Rob Huntington. He welcomed them to campus and stated that he “wished he could trade places with them today.”

Four stations were set up to showcase different areas of science. Dr. Ken Baker showed students how to radio-track wild animals. The kids hunted for a hidden transmitter in Gillmor Science Hall.

Chemistry demonstration


Heidelberg’s Chemistry Club entertained them with explosions and reactions. The students also made their own silly putty.

The National Center for Water Quality Research gave a presentation and then students experimented with color chemistry and viewed water bugs.

For the final station, the students entered an anatomy lab and were able to get their blood pressure reading, look at eyeballs and brains, compared different bones, and cut up pieces of chicken. After visiting all the stations, the students ate lunch before heading back to school.

While the kids had fun with the hands-on science, Heidelberg students also enjoyed the day’s activities. “It’s great seeing kids get excited about science. It’s all about understanding the world around you,” said Josh Olewiler a senior biology major.

Overall it was a great day where Heidelberg and the Tiffin community came together to explore and highlight science. Explosions, bone, bugs and all.