Senior of the Month: Taylor Rambo

Jan 31, 2014

Taylor RamboName: Taylor Rambo

Hometown: Powell, OH

Major: Education, Early Childhood, Intervention Specialist

Involvement: President of Heidelberg Awareness of Needs and Disabilities (H.A.N.D), Kappa Psi Omega society, Kappa Delta Pi education honorary, Honors Program, student teaching exchange with Tianjin China.

Why did you choose Heidelberg?

“I wanted a small school atmosphere and a personalized education. I liked that when I was walking around, everyone knew each other. It was a community based setting. I felt really comfortable."

"I’ve always known I wanted to be a teacher and I knew the education program here was really involved. A lot of other schools don’t get in the field like Heidelberg does. I was in the field my freshman year. I liked that there was a lot of experience before I actually student-taught. I know my professors really well and if I ever need something they are always there.”

Who is your mentor on campus?

“Dr. Green and Dr. Wasserman are both mentors of mine. We have similar personalities so it was an easy fit. They have a lot of experience to offer and I like that they brought that into the classroom. They talk about more than just educational theories, but also what they had experienced. Also, with the help of Dr. Green I was able to present my senior research project at the National Kappa Delta Pi conference in Dallas, Texas this year.”

What has been your favorite Berg experience?

“H.A.N.D grew a lot this year to 30 members from 10 last year. Through H.A.N.D we organize a picnic with the School of Opportunity. Their students come to campus and have lunch in Hoernemann and we set up carnival activities. It’s fun to interact with the students.”

How has being a president of a student organization added to your experience?

"I came into college shy and reserved. Through being an organization president, I was able to help manage things and organized and bring people together. It was a growing experience for me. I’ve learned how to talk in front of people comfortably and organize events.”

What is your advice to underclassmen?

“Have an open mind. There is a lot that goes into education and there will always be changes. Learn to accept those changes and grow with them. Also, get involved early. Being involved as a freshman will help make your senior year less hectic."

What are your post-graduation plans?

“I’m currently student-teaching at Olentangy Local Schools. I’m hoping to find a position as an intervention specialist around Tiffin or Columbus. There are a lot of schools in this district that will have open positions and I’m already applying because it is so competitive.”