Heidelberg featured in student videos

Apr 4, 2014

Why Heidelberg video winning teamLast week Heidelberg showcased a great example of collaboration and innovative teaching. Professor Linda Detwiler and Nathan Cutietta, Director of the Media Communication Center, teamed up their classes for a video project.

Students from COM 250, Argumentation and Debate, and MED 226, Electronic Media Production, worked together to create videos around the topic “Why Heidelberg.” The teams had to develop an idea, film and edit the video, and then present their project.

All nine videos gathered 1,346 votes from the Heidelberg and Tiffin communities. “We had a great turnout,” said Cutietta. “I was impressed.”

The winning team (video 2) included sophomore communication major Jordan Crase, junior psychology major Rachael Brushaber, sophomore psychology and criminal justice major Damon Cheek, and freshman communication major Bailey Maben (not present at time of photo). The project took three weeks from brainstorming to presentation.

The group’s winning video highlighted different aspects of Heidelberg including small class sizes, theatre arts, Saurwein Health and Wellness Center, and campus fellowship. “We compiled all our favorite things about campus, and created a top ten list,” said Rachael. “This project allowed me to reflect on why I decided to come to Heidelberg.”

The students gained relevant skills including persuasion, teamwork, and editing. “I liked seeing the project develop over time,” said Damon. “I learned a lot about time management.”

This is the second time professor Detwiler has assigned this project, but the first time she combined her students with the media class. “This time we reached another level with Nathan,” she said.

The two classes were graded on different assignments. Students from MED 226 worked on storyboarding , filming, and video editing while students from COM 250 worked on pitching ideas, outlining arguments, and creating an engagement plan to market their video.

“It was fun working with the other class because we were able to see the technical side,” said Jordan. “We all learned new skills.”

Collaborating across disciplines and learning new skills are great ways to brag about Heidelberg.

View all nine videos