PALS themes applicable to all career fields

Apr 15, 2014

Cheryl Krueger at HeidelbergBy Katelyn Kuhajda, ‘16

I cannot express how excited I was to hear that Cheryl Krueger was coming to speak at The Patricia Adams Lecture Series on April 10. I was familiar with her because my mom sends me Cheryl’s cookies for every holiday while I’m away at school. I even got a dozen sugar cookies shaped like apples during the first week of school in August! As a communication major, though, I wondered how Ms. Krueger’s lessons could be applied to my field of work.

The themes I took away from her presentation about her journey as a successful entrepreneur were the importance of customer service, risk taking and making changes and innovations on a professional level – all valuable skills that can be applied to o any profession.

Krueger was the eighth speaker in The Patricia Adams Lecture Series. As the founder and former CEO and president of Cheryl & Co., a multi-million-dollar cookie and gift company, she gave an informative and inspirational speech that taught us valuable lessons about finding success in the business world.

More than 500 people attended the PALS dinner and Krueger’s keynote speech. She shared tips on getting started in the business world, and used her story as an example.

In addition, Krueger spoke about the key to launching a successful product. Her advice was not to create a new product, but to innovate an old product to make it even better. A key message in the speech was about when, where and why to seize opportunities. Krueger’s speech encouraged risk taking in the business world and offered advice as to how to go about doing so. She supported every lesson that she taught with Students talking at lunchan example from her life as an entrepreneur. This aspect of her speech was unique and helpful because the stories from her personal life were able to prove that her lessons truly lead to success.

Prior to the keynote, Krueger spent the day on campus, interacting with students, faculty, staff and the community in formal and informal settings. She had breakfast with the Women’s Leadership Initiative members, helped judge the high school Business Challenge and attended the Women’s Entrepreneur Awards program. She also presented two meaningful sessions in Gundlach Theatre on the topics of mentoring and finding the right balance between work and life obligations.

As a student, I feel so incredibly blessed to have gotten to hear Krueger speak and I plan to apply the lessons from her speech to my professional life in the future.

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