Recharging the batteries: Admissions in the summer

Jul 29, 2014

Quite often, Heidelberg staff members are asked, "What are you doing this summer?" In a series of web features during the month of July, we answer the question by profiling several offices who are busy during the summer months, preparing for the upcoming school year. In fact, for some, summer is the busiest time of the entire year.

Tom AlexanderEvery college admissions office runs on a yearly cycle, following high school students through their journey to find the right college. At Heidelberg, summer is a transition time. For admissions counselor Danielle Wilkin, it’s a time to reflect on the last year and gear up for the new one.

“Summer is when we finally breathe,” she said. “We move files, clean the office, and transition to the next year’s class.”

While it’s a great time to relax, the office stays busy with visitors for orientations, preview days, and juniors starting their college search. Assistant director of admissions, Tom Alexander enjoys giving the Heidelberg 101 presentation during group visit days.

“For most students, this is one of their first college visits and they haven’t quite figured out what the college search is about.”

Counselors working with students just starting their college search and incoming students who have decided Heidelberg is the place for them.

“Summer is the only time the classes overlap,” Tom said. “We work with the incoming class during orientation and make sure they have everything ready for fall and we have already started working with the next group of seniors.”

Danielle WilkinThis summer, Tom was also tasked with training two new counselors.

“I’m helping them get their feet on the ground,” he said. “We all need to prepare for fall travel when everyone hits the road.”

Fall travel begins soon after high schools start back up. Counselors spend the fall traveling to various college fairs and high school visits. In between they must continue to keep up with office work and student visitors to campus.

The breath admissions catches in the summer is what propels them through the next year.

“I like the excitement of the start of the new year,” said Danielle. “It’s fun to meet new students.”