Big dreams for higher ed

A new partnership between Heidelberg and Terra Community College will allow students to dream big when it comes to their higher education.
Calling it “exactly the kind of collaborating colleges across the U.S. should be doing,” senior administrators at Heidelberg and Terra, about 20 miles north, signed a dual admission agreement this week that paves the way for a seamless transfer of Terra students into Heidelberg.

Students interested in the program would complete their associate’s degree at Terra and then transfer to Heidelberg to complete their bachelor’s degree. One unique benefit: While students are enrolled at Terra, they can take one class per semester at Heidelberg.

The dual admission students also will have access to academic advising and student IDs at both institutions, which will provide them with access to service, campus events and activities at both schools as well. Coursework successfully completed at Terra will transfer to Heidelberg and will count toward degree requirements here.

To sweeten the pot, Heidelberg is offering a $2,000 partnership grant to all dual-admission students, in addition to the $4,000 Transfer Academic Grant or the Phi Theta Kappa Merit Scholarship award of $6,000.

“We’re very excited about getting this off the ground,” said Susan Stine, associate director of admission at Heidelberg, who along with Associate Dean James Willey at Terra, crafted the agreement.

Heidelberg President F. Dominic Dottavio echoed Stine’s comments that the agreement will bring the institutions closer together. “This blending together provides opportunities for our students that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible,” he said. “I am absolutely thrilled that we can be partners with Terra, and I look forward to great things as a result of this agreement.”

Terra President Marsha Bordner said she’s seen a welcome shift in the approach to helping students seamlessly transfer to four-year institutions, and she believes both institutions will benefit.

“Our students really will enrich the academic and cultural life of the Heidelberg campus,” she said, adding her thanks for the financial incentives Heidelberg is offering Terra students. “We do lots of these agreements, but for you to say you are willing to go out on a limb to help our students get their higher education is a huge plus.”

The dual admission agreement, said Vicki Ohl, Heidelberg’s associate vice president for academic affairs, will allow Terra students to “dream bigger dreams.”

“We know Terra will give these students a solid foundation,” she said. “We’ll be able to offer academic and cultural opportunities they otherwise might not have had. We can offer them some academic and career direction, allow them to plan more and dream bigger dreams.
“We’re really looking forward to this partnership.”

Also representing Terra at the signing was Richard Schrubb, vice president of Academic and Student Affairs, who said the agreement represents “exactly the kind of collaborating colleges across the U.S. should be doing.”

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Mar 5, 2008