Class of '08: The Road Less Traveled

“The Road Less Traveled” led the Class of 2008 to Heidelberg. With graduation approaching, many seniors and underclass students alike reflected on their journey during the annual Student Awards Celebration Friday.

Senior Jessica Evans gave the remarks of reflection at the ceremony, using the famous Robert Frost poem to recall the past, enjoy the present and anticipate the future. Evans, who completed graduation requirements in December with majors in biology and psychology, and minors in chemistry and Spanish, described the transition from the first year at Heidelberg as “wide-eyed freshmen” to college graduates.

Looking at the past, Evans said by choosing Heidelberg, a small, liberal arts school over a large, state university, students chose “the road less traveled.” Heidelberg is the place that brought students together both in the classroom, and at football games; for hours at the Honors House, and for a break at a comedian’s show.

Analyzing the present, Evans said the last four years have been both the hardest and best years of a Heidelberg students’ life. She commented that Friday’s event was the time to thank the people who support academics, arts and social scenes, and the time to celebrate four years of success.

For the future, Evans, who will begin medical studies at Wright State University this fall, urged students, especially graduating seniors, to search for new journeys, to demonstrate the support and intelligence that Heidelberg teaches its students beyond the classroom, to show the world what being a Heidelberg student is all about, and to make each day better than yesterday. “That,” she said, “makes all the difference.”

More than 100 students, alumni, faculty and student organizations were recognized for their outstanding academic and social accomplishments for the 2007-2008 school year.

  • Advisor of the Year: Peggy L. George
  • Arthur and Helen Bean Award (music): Benjamin D. Lupo
  • Beta Beta Beta Outstanding Freshman Award: Drew M. Figley, Rachael M. DeRosa, Amanda M. Reuter
  • Burghalter Memorial Award (for the Good Samaritan): James K. Maxwell
  • CRC Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award: Megan E. Tasnadi
  • Computer Science Prize: Jeffery M. Tracy
  • Louisa K. Fast Scholarship: Jessica M. Evans
  • Helmut Fischer Prize (history): David L. Wovrush, Holly A. Yanacek
  • Alexander and Christina Garver Memorial Prize (history): first, Mackenzie J. Adams, second, Dana H. Gardner, Allyson M. Stanton
  • Harold Hafer and Janet Hughes Unsung Hero: Robert and Donna Overholt
  • Martha and Ernest Hammel Research Award: first, Luke M. Sundermeier, second, Keenan M. Jones, third, Kristina M. Gaietto
  • Alfred T. Hobson Award (CTA): Kristin P. Cashdollar
  • Paul H. Hoernemann Award (athletics): Stephen A. West
  • Paul H. Hoernemann Memorial Prize in Music: Jessica L. Rigsby
  • H. Dana Hopkins Award (CTA): Nicole L. Locker, Maxwell R. Norris
  • Jane Frost Kalnow Memorial Fund Career in Accounting Award: Megan B. Morris
  • Jane Frost Kalnow Memorial Fund Award in German Language and Literature: Chad E. Mick
  • Jane Frost Kalnow Memorial Fun Career in Industry Award: Rachel M. Klinker, Bradley J. Walliser
  • John I. Kolehmainen Scholarship (history): James J. Anderson, Katherine H. Robbie
  • Krout Prize in History: Abbey E. Birk, Brittany E. Harnish
  • OAC Clyde Lamb Award: Amanda M. Campbell, Andrew S. Lemmon
  • Edward Lamb Foundation Prize in Business Administration and Economics: David W. Craft
  • Leader on the Horizon: Stephanie N. Gross
  • Frederick D. Lemke Award in English: Devon K. Walsh
  • Lewis Miller International Ambassador: Celeste B. Goliath
  • Dr. A. G. McQuate Award in Field Biology: Christopher T. Boehler
  • Model Program Award: Alternative Friday Night Ghosts, Ghouls and Goblins
  • Dr. Rose Moore Education Award: Kristy L. Bollenbacher
  • Ohio Board of Regents Graduate/Professional Fellowship: Brittany E. Harnish
  • Ferris and Dorothy Ohl Prize (music): C. Bogdan Berindean
  • Robert E. Oleson Outstanding Student Leader Award: Kristina P. Bryant
  • Skip Oliver Award (political science): Jennifer L. Tangeman, Chelsea K. Zimmerman
  • Lenore Osterholm Prize in Spanish: Elizabeth J. Brodman
  • Outstanding First-Year Student in Psychology Award: Rachael M. DeRosa
  • Outstanding Greek Woman of the Year: Deena R. Marlette
  • Outstanding Greek Man of the Year: David J. Glover
  • Outstanding Student Employee of the Year: Katherine A. Wood
  • Outstanding Student Organization: Intersociety Council
  • Charles J. Ping Student Community Service Award: Kelly A. Pintchuk
  • Pretzer Memorial Prize in Religion: Chisom S. Nkachukwu
  • Prugh Prize in Athletics: Gregory M. Tyson
  • Psi Chi Oustanding Senior Award (psychology): Leanne M. Huckaby, Justin R. Toft
  • Herman E. Sayger Award (athletics): Ryan K. Bowers, Kristy L. Bollenbacher
  • John C. Shinn Memorial Award (political science): Keenan M. Jones, Sean M. Hutson
  • E.J. Shives Prize in Chemistry: Ryan J. Michel
  • Martin Walker Smith Prize in History: Highest GPA, Abbey E. Birk, Best Paper, Brittany E. Harnish
  • Daniel J. and W.J.K. Snyder Prize (leadership, scholarship, character): Jessica M. Evans, Bradley Aaron Weaver
  • R.C. and J.D. Spring Scholarship (computer science): Peter A. Kelley
  • George A. Stinchcomb Prize in Natural Science or Mathematics: Colleen S. Murrett
  • Student Leader for Diversity: Joseph A. Worthy
  • Christi Thomas Memorial Scholarship: Tiffany E. Grine
  • Christi Thomas Book Scholarship: Ashley L. Hawley, Sarah C. Luce Wireman
  • Toledo Area Aboriginal Research Society Award in Anthropology: Marissa A. Hughes
  • E.I.F. Williams Memorial Prize in Education: Elementary, Kelli A. Aichholz, Secondary, Whitney A. Magers, Bradley Aaron Weaver
  • Ira and Robert Wilson Memorial Scholarship (biology): Brandon J. Zuchowski, Kelly A. Pintchuk
  • Leanne O. Wolff Award in Communication and Theatre Arts: Amanda J. Hanning
  • Allan King Zartman Prize in Biology: Michelle M. Evans, Katie M. Ritzman

Students selected Dr. Kate Bradie, associate professor of philosophy, as this year’s recipient of the Faculty of the Year award. Students were also recognized for their efforts in extracurricular and athletic activities, as well as for continued participation in honors societies and musical groups.

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Apr 22, 2008