New option for Honors: University of Glasgow

Beginning this fall, Honors students will have another opportunity to study abroad as Heidelberg begins participation in a new exchange program with the University of Glasgow in Scotland.

The “Honors at Glasgow” international studies program has been created to provide an intellectual and cultural enrichment program for honors students from 18 diverse, small liberal arts colleges, including Heidelberg, who comprise the Principia Consortium. The University of Glasgow has created this exchange program specifically for students from these institutions.

The consortium, spearheaded by Berry College, draws together colleges and universities whose honors programs are designed around interdisciplinary seminar formats, as is Heidelberg’s program, “The Life of the Mind.”

For the past several years, an exchange program with Oxford University has been extremely popular with Heidelberg Honors students, and Dr. Jan Younger, associate dean of the Honors program, expects the Glasgow program to draw the same level of excitement.

Because Honors students whose academic plans include study abroad have to plan far in advance, the first Heidelberg students to participate in the exchange likely will be in the 2010-11 academic year.

“This is a special privilege for our Honors students,” said Dr. Vicki Ohl. “We have at least three students who are very interested and are making plans to attend. They can study for a semester or a year without interrupting their [academic] sequence.”

At the 650-year-old University of Glasgow, the Honors students will enroll in science, pre-med and pre-veterinary courses at the junior and senior level. Additionally, the university is developing a course on the Scottish Enlightenment, based on the works of poet Robert Burns, economist Adam Smith and philosopher David Hume, that will serve as one of their seminar courses.

Although the program is heavily rooted in the sciences, students in other majors are encouraged to participate, Ohl said, adding that the University of Glasgow has strong humanities and arts programs as well.

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Jun 5, 2009