Financial Aid Timeline

Fall Semester

September - December

  • Apply for admission.
  • Talk to your parents about funding for college costs.  If parent loans are being considered or your parent may need to co-sign for a private loan for you, make sure their credit is in order.
  • Begin to explore outside scholarship opportunities through the high school, local community or scholarships found on web sites such as or
  • Complete the Net Price Calculator to get an idea of how much financial aid you might receive.
  • Ask if your high school will host a Financial Aid program to learn more about the financial aid process from a financial aid administrator.
  • If you are a male over 17, make sure you are registered with the Selective Service to be eligible for any federal or state financial aid.

Spring Semester

January - May

  • Create your FSA ID.  This ID confirms your identity when you access federal websites.  Both student and parent will need to obtain a FSA ID. 
  • Encourage your parents to complete their federal tax return as early as possible.
  • Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) after January 1st.  We recommend you file by March 1st and after federal tax returns have been filed for accurate reporting.
  • Go to FAFSA on the Web to complete the form.  Our federal code number is 0003048
  • Once you complete your FAFSA, results should be received via e-mail the next business day after the electronic submission.  If corrections are needed, correct and return it to the FAFSA processor promptly.
  • Financial aid awards are sent to prospective students beginning in late February to students for whom we have received FAFSA results and have been accepted to Heidelberg.  We package on a rolling basis.
  • Review aid award, contact the Financial Aid Office with questions.  Complete requested paperwork and return as soon as possible.
  • Review payment options with parents.  If additional loans are needed review loan options.