Academic Comprehensive Campaign for Excellence

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Our focus on the Academic Comprehensive Campaign for Excellence will strengthen the support of our faculty and advance the success of our students to elevate Heidelberg among its peers. The whole platform will enhance our core Liberal Arts offering and professional programs. The successful completion of this campaign will secure Heidelberg’s place as a destination point for student engagement and academic excellence.

Area of Need: People, Faculty Development, Endowed Chairs, Faculty Support, New Faculty, Faculty and Student ResearchArea of Need: InfrastructureArea of Need: ProgramsArea of Need: Facilities


Why I Give

Lois Emory Daruszka, Why I Give, Just Because Fund, Heidelberg University“I’ll always remember that help, I just want to pass on the opportunity for other people, too.”  Lois Emory Daruszka, ’64, estate gift contribution to 'Just Because' Fund

Dr. Andrew Gase“Beyond the time commitment, kids get really anxious about going in debt with medical school tuition. ... We wanted to have that door open for students with different levels of economic backgrounds.” 
Dr. Andrew Gase, ’81, The Dr. Andrew J. and Anne Hering Gase Medical School Award

Dr. David Drake“I received a lot of financial help when I was in school. It’s great to be able to help someone else down the road.” 
Dr. David Drake, ’58, The Drake Family Scholarship for Health Sciences


Dr. Chris Longaker“In this computer world, you cannot learn surgery skills and physiology skills on a computer. You need live subjects to do that.” 
Dr. Chris Longaker, ’64, Longaker Animal Laboratory


Success StoriesAnna Sisco, student, donor thank you