Talmage Residence Hall & The University Commons

Residence Hall construction

The University built a new residence hall, which opened fall 2011. 


September 28, 2011 – A month into the new school year, students who are calling the new Residence Life & Learning Hall home have given it rave reviews. The hall – the first new residence facility in several decades – was designed for primarily sophomores.

The spacious, pod-style accommodations seem to appeal to the residents, while visitors of all ages appreciate the sense of community and openness created by the open design.

“I love how it’s set up pod style,” said sophomore resident Brittany Labry. “You really get to know more people.” Sophomore Claire Meneer added, “It’s very spacious. We love being the first living here.”

Residents also appreciate the central location of the hall and its close proximity to places they frequent often. “It’s nice to be close to Hoernemann (dining hall) and Adams Hall,” said sophomore Danielle Howard. “The common rooms are nice, too.”

The double-sized rooms allow residents to move around in comfort. “That’s a lot of space for two people,” said sophomore Jessica Kidd. “I like the new washers and dryers, too, because they text us when our laundry is done.”

Others look at the facility with admiration. “It’s really nice … better than anything I’ve lived in,” said women’s soccer coach Nick Spell, a graduate of Marietta College. Added alumnus Michael Sooy, “I like the sense of community. I would have liked to have something like this when I was a student.”

Even the older generation seems to appreciate what the new facility offers. “I like the sense of life. It’s a cheerful environment,” said Dr. Kenneth Davison, professor emeritus of history and ’46 Heidelberg alumnus.

Mark Zeno, director of Residence Life at Heidelberg, said he’s heard positive feedback about the new living quarters. “I think the biggest thing I’ve heard is that students can float in and out of rooms, leave doors unlocked and feel secure that way,” he said.

While the residence hall may be up and running, the finishing touches are being put on the adjoining University Commons with its Fireside Café and Pub and outdoor Tower Plaza, scheduled to open in October.

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