Frequently Asked Questions

Does the building have a chosen name-sake yet?

There is not yet an official name for the new residence life and learning hall. Contact the University about naming rights to the new building.

Is there going to be a bar in University Commons?

Aramark exploring many options in the new spaces. One of them does include a bar but final plans have not been made.

What will University Commons have?

Some of the things we are planning include:

  • Café Pub
    • New options for dine in or carry out
    • Two story space with balcony lounge looking over
    • Walk out patio for outdoor dining
  • Great Room
    • Drop screen with projector for movies, sports or programs
    • 60-seat capacity for lectures or other events
    • Views across campus

What are the requirements for living in the new residence hall?

To be considered, a student must be of sophomore standing and academic performance will also be taken into consideration.

Where is it being built?

The new Residence Hall will be located on Greenfield in between Brown and the Honors House. On the campus map the new building will be at #6.

Will the trees be transplanted?

Trees that can be transplanted will be. We have worked with the developer to ensure that native plants will be used in the landscaping!

When was the ground breaking?

The ground breaking ceremony was held October 5, 2010.