Project Benefits

  • “For many years we have lost student athletes to other schools with better facilities… This stadium will make us a bigger contender for recruitment and allow us to better compete with other Ohio Athletic Conference schools.”
    – Alumni Comments

    For the players

    Virtually every other school in the Ohio Athletic Conference we play in has a stadium of its own, except for Heidelberg.

  • For the overall student body

    An Athletic Stadium which draws students in, and makes them feel part of something bigger than themselves, is a part of the student experience that has been missing at Heidelberg.

  • For health and wellness

    Having a first-rate field, accessible to all and supported by the infrastructure a stadium provides will enhance our campus-wide commitment to health and wellness and help to make it top priority for all students, whether they are athletes or not.

  • For alumni

    The Alumni Center features of the Athletic Stadium reinforce the importance of alumni in the Heidelberg community by providing gathering spots for alumni at every game, at every big event held on campus, or at events designed just for or by them.

  • For the entire campus

    A liberal arts campus that does not provide a way for everyone who is part of it to come together as a whole is missing something important. This Athletic Stadium, with its many gathering spots, addresses a fundamental part of the foundation of a liberal arts institution.

  • For the greater community

    The Athletic Stadium and Alumni Center will also provide Tiffin and Seneca County with a premier special event facility. All kinds of new outdoor activities will now be possible, particularly during the summer months. As the community sees the positive impact that the Athletic Stadium brings to those off campus, as well as on, we envision renewed pride and support in Heidelberg and the relationship it shares with the Tiffin community.

  • “The Athletic Stadium will bring pride and unity to the University!”
    – Alumni Comments

    For the bottom line

    Stadiums are important direct and indirect revenue generators for higher education campuses. NOT having a stadium, over time, will cost more than the investment required to build one in the short term.