Introduction to Early Childhood Education – Philosophies and Practices

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3 sem. hrs.
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Fall and Spring

A course designed to introduce the history, context and current trends in Early Childhood Education/Early Childhood Special Education including the issues of ‘best practice’ as they relate to working with young children with and without disabilities in a variety of settings. Focus also on the perspectives, characteristics and attitudes necessary for students to become effective early childhood professionals. Course will include examination of the NAEYC Code of Ethics; students will be encouraged to become members of NAEYC as part of their professional development. Use of Internet resources to examine current topics in ECE will be an integral component of the course. Field observation in inclusive public and community preschool and K-3 settings will be conducted throughout the semester to enable students to witness and discuss teaching practices and philosophies in ECE. Prerequisite: 2.75 GPA and C- or higher in PSY 101, EDU 200, 201. Corequisite: EDU 220.