Language Arts in Middle School

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3 sem. hrs.
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Emphasis will be on methods and materials used to teach language arts in grade 4-9. Specific content includes language acquisition, the history of language, English grammar, dialects, levels of usage, purposes of reading, writing, listening, and speaking, and the ways readers respond to literature. A wide variety of literature will be read. With regard to writing, the composing process, forms of writing, and purposes for writing will be covered. Students will also learn how to plan and teach language arts lessons, including writing objectives, choosing instructional strategies and materials, grouping students, applying research findings, and assessing diverse learners. Students will have a middle school field placement. The use of computers to enhance teaching units, locate materials, etc., will be stressed. The Ohio Language Arts Model will be emphasized. Prerequisites: 3.0 GPA, Junior status, C- or higher in PSY 101, EDU 220, EIS 265, EDU 230 and EIS 285. Corequisite: EDU 350, 375 and one of the following: 373, 380 or 390.