Methods in English

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3 sem. hrs.
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This course will cover both the content to be taught and the pedagogy of teaching English in Adolescent to Young Adult classrooms, including but not limited to: selecting and using materials for diverse learners and learning styles, applying the knowledge base to the language arts, using the Ohio Language Arts Model to frame instruction and assessment, and designing, implementing, interpreting, and reporting on assessment. Students will also become aware of sources of adolescent literature by diverse writers, study the forms of oral and written discourse and their place in the English classroom and learn how to help students read for different purposes and respond to literature. Students will plan and implement lesson and unit plans. Finally, attention will be given to the nature of language and theories of language acquisition. (Field experience required.) Prerequisite: 3.0 GPA, C- or higher in PSY 101, EDU 220, EIS 265; Corequisite: EDU 350.