Family Systems/Social Issues in Early Childhood

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3 sem. hrs.
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Fall and Spring

Emphasis on the role of the family and other social systems involved in the care and development of the young child. Emphasis on understanding the child in the context of the family, culture, and society. Develops the idea of respect for diversity and anti-bias approaches. Includes also awareness of public policy and advocacy issues in relation to young children and their families. The development of effective interpersonal skills in working with families and roles of collaborative team members are emphasized. Research of literature included. Students must also become familiar with resources within the immediate community and beyond which support families and children. Students will be expected to use the Internet to examine public policy issues and resources relevant to young children and their families. Prerequisites for Licensure Candidates: 3.0 GPA, junior status, and C- or higher in both PSY 101 and EDU 230. Prerequisites for all other students: 3.0 GPA, junior status, and PSY 206.