North Central State College

Institutional Articulation

Graduates from North Central State College who hold an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science degree and who meet the admission requirements of Heidelberg University, will be admitted with full junior status.

Students who have completed an Associate degree other than an AA or AS, or prior to completion of the AA degree, are also welcome to apply to Heidelberg. Transfer credit will be evaluated on a course by course basis and applied toward the student’s class standing and Heidelberg’s degree requirements.

Course by Course Transfer Guide for North Central State College (revised 6/17/11).

Dual Admission Program

This program is designed so students can complete their Associates degree at North Central State College and then transfer seamlessly to Heidelberg University to finish their Bachelor’s degree. While in the dual admission program, students may enroll in one course per semester for up to four semesters at Heidelberg while enrolled at North Central. Students pay the North Central tuition rate for the Heidelberg course. Additional information