We've Gone Google!

Heidelberg University is pleased to offer our users BergApps, our implementation of Google Apps for Education.  BergApps is an online messaging and collaboration suite.  This offering provides our students, faculty, and staff with state-of-the-art communication and collaboration tools, all at their existing address.

Google Apps for Education provides unlimited email and document storage (Gmail and Google Drive), voice/video chat (Google Hangouts), calendar system (Google Calendar), cloud collaboration tools (Google Drive, Google Sites, and Google Groups), and many other tools that enable our users to work together more easily and learn more effectively.

You can learn more about using Google Apps for Education at the Google Apps Learning Center.


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Visit Google's extensive Google Apps Learning Center for FAQs and numerous training resources.

If you have additional questions after visiting the Support Center, feel free to contact our Help Desk.

Students and Staff

If you haven't done so, you can activate your Heidelberg Google Apps ("BergApps") account quickly and easily.


Graduating students who have a Google Apps account retain access to that account and its email address if desired. (Dormant Google Apps accounts of alumni may be deleted. More information is available in the university's IT policy documents.)

Accessibility Information

The User Guide to Accessibility has information and resources about using Google Apps for Education with assistive technology.