Moodle Information

Heidelberg uses Moodle as our online learning management system (LMS).  Moodle is an open source web application used worldwide that enables educators " create effective online learning sites" (quote from  Many of our instructors make use of Moodle to supplement their course resources.

Moodle 2.7 Upgrade Info

Fall 2014 instructors:  please read this information on our upcoming upgrade to Moodle 2.7.

Accessing Moodle

  • You can access Moodle by visiting in your web browser.
  • Login using your Heidelberg NetID and password.  Your NetID is the first portion of your campus email address (without the "").  For more information about your NetID, visit our Computing Account Information page.
  • Your instructor may give you a specific enrollment key for your course.  You'll use that key to "enroll" yourself in the course's online content the first time you visit the course's Moodle site.

Moodle Help and Documentation

Moodle is an open-source online learning management system.  As such, there are many, many resources and tutorials available on the web.  Some of the ones we find most useful include

Campus Moodle News

(posted 17-DEC-2013)

We recently upgraded from Moodle 2.4 to Moodle 2.6  A set of Release Notes for this version of Moodle is available.

Instructors:  if you're new to Moodle 2, or simply want a refresher, we encourage you to review our Moodle 2 videos:  visit our YouTube channel for more info!  If you wish to have a course created for you on the Moodle system, please Contact our Helpdesk