Computing Account Information

What Kind of Accounts Do I Need to Access Computing Resources on Campus?

Printable Info:  About your IDs and Passwords

As a student at Heidelberg, you are given two IDs and passwords that are used to protect access to your personalized information:

  • Your Heidelberg NetID username (up to 8 characters) and password are used to access your Heidelberg BergApps account (our email, calendaring, and collaboration suite powered by Google),  to log onto our campus ResNet and wireless networks, to print to any of the printers in our computing labs, and to use the Moodle learning management system.

    Think of your Heidelberg NetID as your key to the campus network and the Internet.

  • Your OASIS ID (9 digits) and PIN are used to protect your OASIS access.  OASIS, our Online Academic Support and Information System, gives you an online tool to use to register for classes, check your grades, update your academic plan, register your vehicle, etc. OASIS safeguards access to your academic information.

    You also use your OASIS access to activate or reset your Heidelberg NetID password (above).