Checklist for Incoming Students

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* A dynamic checklist is now available in OASIS. The list below gives you an overview of forms and steps that will need to be completed.

Net ID / Email

First, all new students must set-up a Heidelberg email account. The Net ID provides access to various accounts on campus, including your University email account, your campus home drive, access to Moodle (the University's learning management system) and secure access to the University's wireless network.  All communication from the university will be sent to the student email account.

Orientation Registration

All new students must register for an orientation session. To register, you must be signed into OASIS. Orientation will prepare you for your new academic adventure while facilitating scheduling and offer adjustment strategies to your new social life on campus. It is designed to deliver the most important information you need as a new student, as well as integrating you into the Heidelberg University community.

My Housing

Heidelberg has a residency requirement. If you plan to live on campus, visit MyHousing in OASIS to complete a housing application. MyHousing is also used to choose roommates and to make room selections at specified times. Find more information on timelines and processes.

Commuter Student Application

If you plan to commute, download a Request for Commuter Status, which should be mailed or faxed to the Campus Life Office prior to attending Orientation. Adult students are exempt from completing this form.

Math Placement Test

Determine your readiness to take each of the various introductory level mathematics courses available at Heidelberg University. This will need to be completed before Orientation. You must be logged into OASIS to take the Math Placement test. Students who have transfer credit for a specific math course (MTH 115, 121, 210, 222) are exempt from taking this placement test, but must still log in to confirm the credit.

Academic Interests Survey

All students should carefully answer these questions. We will be using this information in a variety of ways to ensure that your first semester at Heidelberg University is a smooth and enjoyable one. Please give us your best, most informed answers at this point in time… there are no right or wrong answers! This information will be used by the Academic Leadership Team to plan the best possible academic fall schedule for each student. Your class schedule will be delivered to you early in July based on your questionnaire and your conversations with faculty during Orientation.  

Health Forms

You must complete a series of health forms with Stoner Health Center. All forms should be sent directly to Stoner Health Center; please do not send forms to admission counselors, coaches, etc. Send copies only; please do not send originals. Completed forms must be received before you are permitted to attend class, participate in athletics or move into the residence halls. Please note that there is a 2-week processing period for all health forms.

College Student Inventory

For Fall admits only. The College Student Inventory (CSI) is an online survey taken by first-time students prior to their arrival at Heidelberg. By taking the survey, students communicate their anxieties, questions, hopes, goals and plans for the college experience. Information from the survey provides a plan to support success during the first year of college. Using the survey results, Heidelberg faculty and staff discuss strategies to best support the transition to college life, learning and the connections that encourage success. Once you attend one of the five two-day Orientation schedules, please complete the Inventory online by logging into OASIS.The College Student Inventory (CSI) must be completed before Fall Verification.

Foreign Language Placement Test

If you have previous experience in a foreign language, plan to take this placement test prior to Orientation to determine your level of placement into Heidelberg’s General Education Curriculum language requirement. If you do not have language experience or you are transferring in credit, you will need to declare so. Access to the placement exams/declaration questions are in OASIS.

Meal Plan

All students living on campus are required to have a meal plan; there are several options available. Meal plans are also available for commuter students. Click here for more details.

Think About It

Designed to minimize risks associated with alcohol, drugs, and sexual violence, Think About It is a research-based, comprehensive training program that empowers you to make healthy choices. It prepares you for the unique challenges and responsibilities of college life. Students will receive an email from CampusClarity with login instructions. If you are experiencing difficulties, please call the Office of Student Engagement at 419.448.2207.

Payment Plan

Heidelberg is pleased to offer three plans for payment of tuition, fees, and room & board. Regardless of the plan you choose, completion of a payment plan form is required prior to the student attending class. The form will be mailed to you with your financial aid package; it must be returned to the Financial Aid Office prior to the start of classes.

TouchNet On-line Payment

The payment gateway is a safe and secure way to make tuition payments either by ACH (electronic check) or by credit card (MasterCard, Discover or American Express). Provide access to a parent or guardian who is responsible for making payments. You must be logged into OASIS to access the on-line payment venue.


BergSync is a central hub for you to create and find out about opportunities for involvement on and off campus. Every student has access to BergSync. BergSync keeps track of all the activities, events, community service hours, groups that each student attends and swipes in with his/her student ID. This record of attendance in called an Involvement Record. This individual record can be accessed at any time by students and campus administrators. Each student organization, student group, athletic team, and department has (or can have) their own page and URL. Login in to BergSync to activate your account and find out more about campus events and activities!

Health Insurance Waiver

For Fall admits

All full-time undergraduate students will be billed for health insurance (coverage extends one full year beginning in August). If you have insurance, you will have the option to waive the University offered insurance after July 1st, and the charge will be removed from your account. All students are required to have health insurance coverage.

For Spring admits

Students will not be charged for insurance. If you wish to have insurance, please contact the Business Office at 419.448.2000 or

Vehicle Registration

All Heidelberg students must register their vehicles annually within the first five days of their first class. Failure to register a vehicle will result in a $50.00 fine and/or disciplinary action. Upon completion of the registration in OASIS, the vehicle hanger can be acquired at the Business Office by showing your picture ID.

Emergency Contacts

Please update your emergency contacts in OASIS.

Questions? Contact the Destination: Heidelberg Team
Campus Center 306
p: 419.448.2207