Placement Exams

Math Placement Exam

The math test is located in OASIS 2, the Online Academic Support and Information System. Students should log into their personal OASIS 2 account. Once logged in to OASIS 2, go to Student, then Student Record and scroll down to Math Placement Exam. Click on Math Placement Exam and you will be able to take the exam. You may only complete it one time.

Is this your first time logging into OASIS 2 ?

To log into OASIS 2 for the first time, students should go to OASIS 2.

Click on the "Login to your account" link. When asked for your ID and PIN, supply the 9-digit number. This was included with your orientation information, if you do not have your number you can access it on the Forgot Your ID page. OASIS 2 is not a part of the orientation registration website. You will have to reset your PIN for OASIS 2. The initial PIN for OASIS 2 is your 6-digit birth date (i.e. 03/09/90 ⇒ 030990). You will be prompted to change this when you log in.

Language Placement Exam

The Language placement exam will be taken during Orientation. Students who miss the exam, should schedule a time to take the exam with the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs at 419-448-2062.